Gram Glueypaws

Gram Glueypaws in a T-Pose


Once upon a time there was a mouse named Gram Glueypaws who lived in the manor house of a rich granny, Beatrice Sparklington. Every day Gram would leave his burrow, from under the mahogany staircase, to steal some shiny jewels granny Beatrice left around the house…

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Abstract Mark

Mark is self-isolating. In the silence of his home his mind becomes abstract, as thoughts soar for a brighter future. Mark feels empty. Pieces of himself vanish day by day. Light will soon shine through the emptiness he once knew and loneliness will become a distant memory.

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Narly the Sound Narwhal

Narly is a pre-raphaelite narwhal who likes sounds. He enjoys acapella music and is fascinated by the resonance of words from the human world. His movements vary depending on the melody he’s hearing. In the deep blue sea Narly listens carefully. Nothing is without meaning to him, as all the noise out there becomes beautiful music to our little narwhal.

Read more details about Narly here.

Narly the Sound Narwhal (Maya, hand-painted textures)


Spacey the Adventurer

Spacey was modelled by following Justin’n Marshalls tutorial on creating your first character (Pluralsight course). Alec the Alien resulted from experimenting with Maya modelling tools.

Spacey the Adventurer meets Alec the Alien (Maya)


Teddy the Dreamer

Teddy’s Dream (Maya)


Snails and Blobs


Tippy Tappy

Tippy is a tap dancer and is moving to the big city of Shuffelsville for his studies. You can follow his story in the storyboards section here. Now I’m working on modelling, rigging and animating a few of his moves in Maya. Here he is taking his first steps with his controllers on top.

Tippy Tappy’s First Steps (Neutral Walk) from Anamaria Ciucanu on Vimeo.