Narly the Sound Narwhal


Narly is a pre-raphaelite narwhal who likes sounds. He enjoys acapella music and is fascinated by the resonance of words from the human world. His movements vary depending on the melody he’s hearing. In the deep blue sea Narly listens carefully. Nothing is without meaning to him, as all the noise out there becomes beautiful music to our little friend.

Technical Details

Narly was modelled in Maya, using a couple of narwhal references found online. The UV map was then created and used as reference for our texturing. The textures were handmade, as acrylic paints were used on a dented paper sheet. The resulting painting was then photographed and edited in Gimp to fit the UVs.

We used a combination of pre-raphaelite and sea creature references to inspire our style of painting. The results can be seen below. The next step is to create a rig for Narly and to drive its animation via filtered sound waves in Houdini. He is a sound narwhal after all!

Current version of textured Narly.
Acrylic painting of Narly’s textures.
Modelling of Narly and moodboards.


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