Tippy Tappy

Tippy is moving to the big, noisy, but musical city of Shuffelsville. His only treasure is a pair of tap shoes from his poor father, who told him to learn to tap or come back home. Tap is the only way Tippy can learn to speak the language of the world, you see, and become someone important. It’s also the only way he can help his family in Hushville gain a voice. Little does Tippy know, however, that there is another language he must master first, in order to find himself and what truly matters.

The Librarian

The Librarian wants everything in top shape and has a taste for taking things literally. Although not one detail escapes his notice, he doesn’t get wrapped up in trivial matters. A pesky little lightbulb begs to differ. The animatic can be seen below.

Tanarul Iesean

This is an animatic/2D animation created for an Orthodox youth festival in Iasi, Romania. It shows the mundane life of a student who discovers the beauty of faith and everything that comes with it. The motto is: “Beauty will save the world, but who will save beauty?”