Arlene Claddagh

Story: Arlene Claddagh, an Irish archeologist, who’s on a quest to find her Viking ancestors. Her family is under the burden of a curse that makes all the women in the family die young. This is because a long time ago, Arlene’s great great grandmother, Clidhna Claddagh, was forced into marrying a Viking prince to restore peace to their land. She betrayed him, however, by setting fire to the Viking settlement on their wedding night. Before her death, the prince’s mother cast a curse on Clidhna’s wedding ring, that all women from her line should die before they turn thirty.

Many generations later, Arlene, Clidhna’s great great granddaughter, is trying to break the curse. She needs to find the ancestral ring and bring it back to the descendants of the Viking prince. Arlene hopes peace can reign once more between their families. To learn more about the history of her ancestors, she studied archeology at Oxford University until the age of twenty five. Once trapped in her books, Arlene has now awoken to a startling realization. She has five years to break the curse.

Art Station Link:

Tools: Autodesk Maya and Arnold, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop

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