Character Turntables

Link: Hugsy Showing Off

Description: This is a blog post written by Anamaria Ciucanu for students on the BSc Computer Animation and VFX course at Manchester Metropolitan University. The aim is to encourage students to render their work and give it the recognition it deserves. Hugsy the squirrel is at the top of the page, to help lift up the mood, and show off in Beauty, Ambient Occlusion and Wireframe renders.

Creating Characters for Animation

Link: Free Sample EBook 

Description: This is a document on creating characters for animation. It covers the overlapping topics that help create animation (eg. psychology, writing, theatre etc). Then some writing and improv methods are given to help start your character creation. 

Coming Soon: Little Creatures with a Personality

Link: Go to Course Page

Description: Create appealing little 3D creatures and endow them with code driven movement using Autodesk Maya and Python. Sign up to the mailing list on the course page to get early access!