King Oakenair of Pagefort


King Oakenair of Pagefort is the maker of worlds in humans’ imagination, when they read books. He paints the mountains and clouds, the trees and lakes from descriptions. The cloud on top of his cape shows his mood and can thunder and cast lighting when he is angry. His cape can show the stars in a moonlit sky.

Oakenair is most joyous when children read as that is when he creates his best work. He is sad when his imagery bubbles disappear, as children draw away from books. These bubbles hold the descriptions painted and the emotions felt while reading the story.

Anita Krasovina 

anitaAnita is a russian orphan girl, who doesn’t speak much. She tends to talk to her dolls more than with people. Her favourite season is winter, because snow is her most beloved form of painting.

Often she disappears from sight during group activities at school. Her hiding place is an old oak tree in the school yard, where she hides stolen toys. She only returns the toys if the previous owner cared for them.

Cazani the Cacti Juggler


Cazani is an aspiring cactus juggler, although it hurts! He also IS one, a cactus that is! His baggy eyes tell of his nightly practice rounds. He’s worried that his parents won’t approve of his career choice of running away with the circus.

His only hope is that one day he can prove to them he is good enough, because the world loves his act. Cazani loves the magenta flowers that pop on his forehead from time to time, but worries that they make him look less manly. Will he ever learn to let go of other people’s judgements and just be himself?

Mrs. Margaret Bottleneck


She is a very awkward middle aged bottle, who always manages to bump or roll into things. By some miracle, however, she always manages to stay intact. Her husband, Mr. Joseph Bottleneck got lost in a cargo towards Russia.

Margaret likes to spend time with classier drinks like Ms. Red Velvet and Lady Rose Lemon, hoping that some of their charm will rub off her. She keeps bringing up the joke that we’re all 80% water, in a feeble attempt to justify her choice of friends.

Little Jeff Hardrock


He is a happy ram with antlers too big for his own good. Jeff is young, proud and full of energy, always ready to go head first in some ridiculously large obstacle. He lives with his family in the Snowy mountains, and comes from a long line of Hardrock rams. There are legends that his great grandfather, Alfred Hardrock carved the valley for his family using his bare antlers.