I am Anamaria Weston (Ciucanu), the creator of Anamation Studio, or Anamation for short. This is a place where stories can save the world! The site started as a portfolio for my animation, art and science fragments. If the authors of a piece are not specified, please assume it is made by little me.

In time, Anamation will become a place for telling inspiring stories, learning and discovering unique techniques for animation and collaborating with people all around the world. This is just in my humble opinion, of course. 🙂

Create, Learn and Socialise

Anamation has three paths, creation, learning and socialising.

The creation path links production elements like character modelling, rigging, animation and storytelling with the reseach and development of new animation tools. See the site’s menu for more details on films, characters, concept art and RnD. To get in touch about projects and collaborations, please send an e-mail at the address below.

Anamation Studio: anamation.contact@gmail.com

The learning path is a set of courses and resources designed to teach animation techniques in a unique and playful way. These are based on my teaching experience in higher education and personal research projects. See the site’s Learning menu for some free and not-so-free resources. Alternatively, you can have a look at the courses available below.

Anamation Learning: Thinkific Courses

The socialising path is a creative society, built around the Anamation philosophy. Share your work, speak with like-minded people, explore and discover more about how animation can tell great stories and also make great science. It’s free. Come and be part of a beating heart!

Anamation Society: Join Private Facebook Group

Core Philosophy

Anamation has a core philosophy, which revolves around empathy and saving the world through animation. These statements help define it:

1. Stories can save the world because they inspire people to be better versions of themselves, through hope and compassion.

2. Stories can go beyond film and games, and encompass inventions, science and future forms of storytelling.

3. Art and science are interdependent as they both aim to understand, celebrate and save the world.

4. Every voice is important no matter how small it may seem.

5. We should give a voice to those who can’t speak.

6. Our creations should aim to bring the best out of the human spirit and give something good to the world.

7. No creation is too small if it comes from a place of compassion.

8. Creativity thrives in a place where there is no fear.

9. Compassion, joy and acceptance are great ingredients when collaborating on projects.

10. The best ideas come out of great friendships.

11. Anyone can create animations, regardless of where they come from.

Stay in touch with Ana

Personal website: www. anamariaciucanu.com

E-mail: anamaria.ciucanu@gmail.com 

Social media: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter