The Prayer

This will be a short 3D animation about the strength monastic prayer has on the lives of people living in the world. The spirit of it will try to be truthful to the Orthodox Christian faith most of Eastern Europe shares. The story follows a prayerful monk as he quietly retreats into his desert cave to pray as the world outside struggles with sin. The monk’s prayers are then shown to alleviate the world’s pain through the help of the Holy Spirit, Who connects all people in God’s love.

The animation will be in 3D and requires a small group of freelance artists to work on it via tasks. These tasks can run for 2-5 days. Each artist can choose one or more tasks to focus on every week.

The artists chosen are either early career professionals or benefactors who wish to contribute to our work. We would like to pay our freelancers for their efforts, hence we made this fundraiser: Go Fund Me for The Prayer

Thank you for any help you can give!

Artists and Websites

Directed by Anamaria Weston, music composer Emma Hetherington, 3D modeller Anca-Luiza Ciuches, concept artist Andrei Lungu, art director Natalia Nikitin, and technical director Helena Josol.

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