Current Projects


Narly is a pre-raphaelite narwhal who likes acapella music. His modelling and texturing are complete, he’s now ready to be animated with acapella sound waves in Houdini.

Narly is hand-painted.

Tippy Tappy

Tippy is a tap dancer and is moving to the big city of Shuffelsville for his studies. You can follow his story in the storyboards section of my animation site here. Now I’m working on modelling, rigging and animating a few of his moves in Maya. Here he is taking his first steps, with his controllers on top.

Tippy Tappy’s First Steps (Neutral Walk) from Anamaria Ciucanu on Vimeo.

Latest Projects

Robin Animator Plug-in

Our latest animation plugin for Maya is The Robin Animator V1.0! It can be used to generate basic procedural animations of little bird characters. These animations can then be exported for your games, rendered in your films or can serve as reference for more complex animations.

Read the whole story on our sister site anainvents!

The Little Matryoshka

Our latest stop motion animation is The Little Matryoshka. This is a story about how each person has their own song and how we misunderstand each other.

Have a look and tell us what you think!

More to come soon, enjoy!